Status: Adopted!
Age: Unspecified
Breed: Unspecified
Gender: Male
Color: Grey/White
Adoption Fee: $15
Sponsor Fee: $30/month

About Willy

May 24, 2014: Willy got picked up by his new owners today. Also, we now think he is a girl. She went to the most amazing home we could ever hope for. She has two geese friends to keep her company, a couple small plastic wading pools, a large beautiful Koi pond to swim in, a great shelter that is heated and air conditioned during extreme temperatures, a big yard to graze in, and the most amazing owner that goes above and beyond for the health of her animals. They get the most excellent vet care possible, and get an amazing diet. They get fresh fruits/vegetables every day. Today, just for the car ride back home, she had a nice bowl of water with fresh kale in it! Willy has definitely hit the jackpot. His owner also sent me some amazing pictures of her enjoying her new pond. I will try to upload them to my computer tomorrow and send them to everyone.

April 25, 2014: Let’s give a big welcome! Willy (as in ‘Free Willy’ named for his efforts to fly) arrived at Happy Trails very recently with not a lot of information. However, it seems he has a lot to give. Willy is a mixed breed most likely half domestic/half Canadian goose. He has cataracts, however, he is able to see and is also able to fly and his flight feathers will need to be kept trimmed. Willy has warmed to our staff and will even allow you to escort him in your arms around the barn area! We hope to find Willy a forever home and he will most certainly add a special something to the family who chooses to step up. In the meantime, Willy would like a sponsor for his care.