Consider Adoption - Adopt, Don't Shop!

Looking for a special addition to your animal family? Consider the journey of adoption. Whether farm animals are dear to your heart or majestic horses are your fancy, Happy Trails has many animals of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages and riding levels. Follow the steps below to arrive at your Happy Ending!

*for equine click apply – equine > select the horse of interest > inquire about adopting*

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Status: Adopted!Year: 2000Breed: ArabianGender:...


Status: Adopted! Year: Unknown...


Status:  Adopted! Year: Breed: ...


Status: Adopted Year: 2004 Breed:...


Status: Adopted! Year: 2014 Breed:...

Step 1  Review all adoption protocol and FAQs  HTFAS receives many questions on a daily basis.  Reviewing all supplied information can often answer your questions and speed up your adoption process.

Step 2  Complete and submit an adoption application. This tells us about your experience, your references, your veterinarian information and about your facility, shelter and pasture area, etc. Don’t have a farrier or veterinarian? We can help!

Step 3  Schedule a home visit. Our HTFAS placement coordinator will visit your facility via video, photos or in person to meet you and view the home to give guidance for appropriate shelter, fencing and safe exercise/turnout area.

Home visits and photos requested are in the spirit of assisting an adopter to provide the best chance for a worry-free adoption. This is not a pass or fail, rather a partnership for success!

Step 4  Choose your companion. When your home visit is complete, our staff will set up a time for you to visit the sanctuary to help you select an animal suited for your wants, needs and facility.

Step 5  Complete the adoption!  Arrangements will be made for you to take your adopted pet home. The adoption fee is submitted at this time and an animal adoption contract is reviewed and signed together with the an HTFAS representative.

Animal Adoption FAQs

Can I choose the animal?
HTFAS finds loving and forever homes for each animal based on the best match of people, personalities and facilities. That being said, of course we will focus on your chosen animal. Our placement coordinator will guide you through a conversation regarding your goals and needs. From this discussion, a list of appropriate candidates.

If the adoption does not work out, can I sell the animal?
An animal adopted through HTFAS may not be sold or re-homed for the first six months of adoption. Following this period, an animal may be re-homed and will always be welcome to return to HTFAS for any reason.

Do you allow breeding?
Each animal adopted will leave our sanctuary spayed/neutered when appropriate. There is a no-breeding clause in the HTFAS contract.

Does my adopted animal need a companion?
All farm animals and horses naturally flourish in a herd or flock. It is beneficial to the long-term health and happiness of any animal to have a companion. However, this is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

I don’t have my own property, is boarding an option?
Yes.  A boarding facility will be considered. The barn manager must be willing to adhere to HTFAS adoption requirements. Adopted horses will come current on shots, worming and teeth float as well as a current Coggins.

Do you adopt out of state?
Yes. We do our best to facilitate a happy ending no matter the distance.

Do you deliver?
Yes. Our hope is for you as the adopter to provide transportation for your adopted animal. HTFAS does have staff/volunteers to transport for a fee. Out of state adoptions are often completed by commercial transport companies.

Will HTFAS hold an animal until I am ready to adopt?
No. Although we understand circumstances may postpone adoption plans, our first priority is to provide each animal with a forever home. HTFAS animals are not adopted on a first come first serve basis, instead they are adopted into a home providing the best fit for both animal and human. All applications submitted are considered.

Can I meet the animals available for adoption first?  Do I need an appointment?
HTFAS requires a quick adoption application be submitted before meeting the animals. A great option is to visit our animals during a tour!

Are the horses registered?  Can I get their papers?
Yes. If papers are provided they can be passed along to the adopter provided there was no stipulation given by a previous owner.

Is barbed wire an approved fencing?
HTFAS will consider placement at a facility with barbed wire. This will be on a case-by-case basis.

I only have a run in with no stalls, is that OK?
Yes. A property with only a run-in shelter may be approved. However, you must be able to provide confinement in cases of illness or injury.

I really want a teacup/mini-pig, do you have potbelly pigs under 60 lbs?
Unfortunately, this is a misconception. Although pigs can be bred to be on the small side, there is no guarantee as to size and there is no such thing as a ‘mini’ pig. Provided with the proper veterinary care and adequate nutrition, all potbelly pigs have the potential to grow to from 80 to 200lbs.

We hope to welcome you to the Happy Trails Family!
HTFAS strives to ensure the best possible home for the rescued animals. Great efforts are made for every adoption to be successful for not only the animals but the adoptive family as well.

In the spirit of family, HTFAS promises a safety net for the lifetime of your adopted animal. You or subsequent owners may relinquish custody/ownership of the adopted animal back to HTFAS at any time during their lifespan with a requested notice of fourteen (14) days.