Volunteer Program

Thank you for your interest and dedication to helping Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary continue rescue and education efforts across Ohio and Beyond!  Happy Trails requires a commitment of at least four (4) hours per week to become a part of the team.

*Volunteers must be 18 years of age.
**Volunteer Orientation dates held the 3rd Wednesday at 5pm and the 3rd Saturday at noon with registration required.

    1. Complete your volunteer application.

    2. Submit your volunteer application fee. Our Fee is $30 per application. We offer a discounted fee of $20 to honor our college students, senior citizens and veterans.
      button-pay fee
    3. Await our call to Arms!  After approving your application, we will call to schedule your orientation. Thank you for caring!

All volunteers are guided by the HTFAS Volunteer handbook.
Group volunteer days are welcome! Start by completing our group volunteer application and email your application to volunteer@happytrailsfarm.org.