Our Mission

Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes criminally abused, neglected and abandoned farm animals.

Rescue – working in cooperation with law enforcement and county humane organizations, we provide our service to Ohio and any state beyond requesting assistance.

Rehabilitation – providing the veterinary attention, nutrition and maintenance care and nurture to each animal who enters the sanctuary.

Re-home – networking to find loving and forever homes for each animal based on the best match of people, personalities and facilities.

The STAI Program

Launched in 2024, STAI (Solutions to Avoid Intake) Program allows HTFAS to assist and support horse owners who need a short-term helping hand to keep their horses at home rather than surrender them to the rescue. Horses eligible for participation in this program will be horses whose owners have contacted HTFAS to surrender them, horses whose owners have requested help and horses previously adopted from HTFAS who are at risk of being returned due to short-term financial need. Assistance will be provided in the form of fundamental care (hay/feed), farrier care, routine vetting (floats, vaccinations, deworming), medications for chronic but manageable conditions (such as Cushing’s), and, if needed, euthanasia.

Owner Relinquish Initiative

In response to the fluctuating requests for criminal case assistance and realizing the growing need for help in our community, HTFAS introduced the Owner Relinquish Initiative in 2021. All owner relinquish requests will be approved. HTFAS will approve any request for an equine to be accepted into our program with consideration of 1) urgency of need; 2) effort of placement made by owner with guidance from HTFAS; 3) condition of animal(s) requiring attention. Requests will be prioritized on the basis of urgency along with Amish Retirement requests, and intake will be prioritized as capacity allows.

​Amish Horse Retirement Initiative

In an effort to supersede equine surrender to one of Ohio’s multiple livestock auction houses, HTFAS founded the Amish Horse Retirement Initiative to provide an option for the Amish community when an equine in their care must be re-homed. HTFAS will approve any request for an equine to be accepted into our program when this request originates from the Amish community. Requests will be prioritized on the basis of urgency, and intake will be prioritized as capacity allows.

Animal Welfare/Law Enforcement Collaborations

In cases of animal abuse requiring legal action, HTFAS is called upon to support humane officers and county prosecutors throughout the process, beginning with the search and seizure warrant and animal removal through sentencing. Once brought in by the county humane officer, HTFAS, along with veterinarians and other professionals, assesses the current health of the abused animal(s) and provides emergency care as needed.