Status: Adopted!
 Age: Unspecified
Breed: White Leghorn
Gender: Hens
Color: White
Adoption Fee: $5
Sponsor Fee: $20/month

About These Hens

July 28, 2014: We have about 35 of these girls left! They have gained their weight back and are full of personality! These are some amazing girls!

September 30, 2013:  There are 105 hens left to be adopted and we have some adoptions pending! Not too bad for twenty days! If you would like to Name a Hen we still have some that have not been sponsored. Also, give us a call if you are ready to adopt!

September 20, 2013:  Our friends at Farm Sanctuary did an amazing job recording their important role in the transport and re-homing of the 1,150 rescued hens from California’s Animal Place. Enjoy their blog post!

September 8, 2013:  What an amazing rescue effort!  All 250 of the hens Happy Trails committed to re-homing are safe and happy at  the sanctuary.  We even made news on the site.  We have made a good start with the adoptions, however, there are still 180 hens remaining to be found a permanent, loving home.  Please email or call the office at 330.296.5914 if you are interested.  If you cannot commit to adopting a hen but would still like to help, please consider sponsoring a hen by donating $2 and giving her a name!

Please also accept this personal “Thank You” from Founder and Executive Director, Annette Fisher

September 5,2013:

HTFAS Hits the Road September 6th, 2014 to Pick Up 250 Hens for Placement
While you snuggle in for the night on Friday, September 6th, Happy Trails volunteers along with Founder, Annette Fisher, will be heading to Watkins Glen, NY to pick up 250 of the 3,000 hens rescued from a horrific neglect situation at a California egg farm. Check out the press release and read the story as blogged by the rescue organization, Animal Place of California, who spearheaded the rescue.
HTFAS is proud to be a part of this valiant rescue effort as reported by  We are requesting donations in $2 increments to sponsor the approximate fuel cost of $500 to transport the hens safely back to Happy Trails.  Upon arrival, pre-approved adopters will be waiting to help the hens complete the last leg of the journey to their safe, loving forever homes.

August 9, 2013:  In the next several weeks Happy Trails will be one-of-several animal rescue organizations assisting Animal Place (a fellow farm animal rescue organization in California) with a mass rescue of hens that are being released from an egg farmer who is “de-populating” his farm.  He is going to be “de-populating” 50,000 birds.  They are spent layers – might lay occasionally, might not….ever…  Their breed is White Leghorns.  Happy Trails has agreed to take in 300 of the birds and re-home them (find appropriate, adoptive, safe homes for them).