From: Timy Sullivan   (Timy Sullivan is active in spay/neuter programs and has been the director of several humane society organizations. She has always had a place in her heart for rescued horses, and Happy Trails is grateful that she and her husband, Ed, have adopted some of our harder-to-place horses over the years.)
Happy Trails to me will always mean Token and Polly, Xenia and April – four horses way, way down on their luck who were literally saved by the Happy Trails volunteers and fosters and then came to live with us. All enriched our lives beyond measure. April is with us now – the most abused of the bunch and the most loving – an amazing tribute to the early care she received after her rescue. She makes us laugh every day. We love her more than we ever thought possible. What a loss it would have been had Happy Trails not stepped in to save her.  Timy Sullivan