DSCF0046What does Happy Trails mean to me…..Knowledge, Answers, Help, and Compassion for all two and four legged creatures. I have called on Happy Trails to help with many animals rescues and they have always been right there to help with any livestock animal in need of a caring hand, loving heart, and a safe place to call home, even if it was just for a short time. These people are very knowledgable and caring, with the skills to help you accomplish any animal rescue. I am honored to have them on my call list, but mostly to call them friends in the business of ANIMAL RESCUE. Thank you so much Annette Fisher and Happy Trails for all you do. We could not do it without you on our side.

Mary Jo Johnson
Humane Officer
Medina County SPCA

(Mary Jo Johnson is a Humane Officer for Medina County SPCA and has worked with Happy Trails on a number of animal cruelty cases. The photo shows Mary Jo standing in a cockfighting pit which was discovered in a chicken barn during an investigation.)