I began to volunteer with Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary in the spring of 2011. Since becoming involved with this life changing organization, I have had the opportunity to work with many amazing animals and people. It is humbling to work with animals that can unconditionally trust people again after a life of abuse. I am a strong believer we can each learn something from these animals. One experience that will truly stay with me for the rest of my life was an encounter with two calves. When these precious creatures came to Happy Trails they were only days old and in a very poor condition. The male calf was given only a fifty percent chance of survival. I had the honor and pleasure of bottle feeding these calves on a weekly basis as a volunteer. The peace I experienced while feeding the calves during the calm nights at the farm compares to nothing else. I was so proud of them with each new step in their young lives. It was amazing to see them go from taking half an hour to drink a bottle to finishing it off in a matter of mere minutes. They were perfect little helpers during feeding time following everyone around to make sure each animal got their fair share of food. It was so gratifying to see these two perfect creatures return to health and grow tremendously. Towards the end of their stay at Happy Trails, the calves began to let us know they were ready to go to a permanent home by jumping clear over fences and finding trouble wherever they went. As hard as it was to see them go to their forever home, I am so grateful that they now have the opportunity to live the rest of their lives as much loved family pets. There are so many unique and gratifying experiences like this at Happy Trails.