Happy Trails means to me "Luke and Bess" who have brought much joy to my life since Annette, Barb, Marie Gayetsky, and I brought them to my farm in Virginia.  These two magnificent souls now have their forever home thanks to the caring, kind, and compassionate staff and volunteers at Happy Trails.  It was through Happy Trails' website that my heart was first taken by Bess, and a visit to the sanctuary in February 2011 introduced me to Luke and an instant connection and bond was formed between us.  I then became a man in search of a farm to buy so that I could bring these two wonderful animal friends home.  I purchased my farm in May 2011 and we brought Luke and Bess home that August.  I can't thank Happy Trails enough for all of their good work, kindness, and compassion that they give every day to there other animal residents in need of their own forever homes.

(John Otey is an adoptive home who took on two giant Belgian draft horses.  They have become the love of his life! John literally bought a farm just to adopt these two wonderful creatures and to include them in his life. Our hats are off to John for being so dedicated and so caring for his two new family members.)