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Status: Permanent Resident
Year Born: 1994
Breed: Mini-Horse
Gender: Mare
Color: Grey
Adoption Fee: n/a
Sponsor Fee: $50/Month
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About Suvali

Suvali is a mini mare. She came to Happy Trails when she was discovered as one of three stray horses in Copley Township here in Ohio. Suvali has a neurologic disease which causes her gait to be uneven and her walk to be slow and unsteady. Nonetheless, she does have a best friend, Kachina, another mini-horse. Suvali is the quiet, supportive type; always there for Kachina’s return from wherever the logo truck takes her. Taking into consideration Suvali’s health issues, we are unable to place her as available for adoption. She will, however, be eager to meet and greet you when you take a tour of Happy Trails!