spero_lizzie (2)
Status: Adopted!
Age: Unknown
Breed: Turkeys
Gender: Male and Female
Color: Browns
Adoption Fee: $20 for pair
Sponsor Fee: $20/month

spero-lizzie-asimAbout Spero & Lizzie

Spero and Lizzie were adopted along with a little hen named Sharon to a wonderful family with an existing flock that lives in harmony.  I am sure they will love their new digs with a heart shaped pond and outbuilding with a chandelier!  Congratulations to these wonderful birds and loving family.  We could not have asked for a happier ending!

Spero and Lizzie (named for the daughter of the family who saved them) came to Happy Trails just in time for Thanksgiving, and boy were they giving thanks.  Thanks for the nice family who could not turn a blind eye to their most certain fate.  Purchased right before their eminent slaughter, they were brought to Happy Trails where they experienced for the first time green grass and freedom.  This pair would do well to go together to a loving home and would be sure to fill you with pride knowing you were the happy ending to this wonderful and touching holiday rescue.  They have made fast friends with one of the Dark Brahmas, Asim.