Status: Adopted!
Age: Unknown
Breed: Rooster
Gender: Male
Color: Black
Adoption Fee: $10 each
Sponsor Fee: $20/month

lizzie and silkyAbout Larry & Curly

January 6, 2016:  A visit to the sanctuary to adopt some hens and our visitor left with Larry and Curly as well.  We wish them the best and know that both roosters are happy to finally be free of the necessary confinement of the sanctuary.  Congrats!

Our silkies came to us from a case where the owner had an issue with hoarding.  Hoarding seems to be an underlying issue in many cruelty cases and is the reason we often ask for mental evaluation in court.  Our hope is to find help for the person(s) involved and break the cycle of abuse.  The silkies are the most cuddly and beautiful creatures!  They deserve a home to peck and take dirt baths and love life.  Please consider giving them that place!