samantha (3)
Status: Adopted!
Age: Unspecified
Breed: Unspecifed
Gender: Ewe
Color: White w/ Black Face
Adoption Fee: $75
Sponsor Fee: $40/month

About Samantha

June 13, 2014:  Avis, Pecora, Cordero, and Samantha went to their new home in Pennsylvania yesterday. They are so happy in their little paradise. They have tons of space to run with little hills, lots of trees, and a crystal clear creek running through. It is like a beautiful secret garden. They also have 4 new little goat friends to share their new aventures.

October 31, 2013:   I am able to report not only a new adoption but an update of our previously adopted animals all in one!!  Samantha the sheep was recently adopted into the same home as Avis, Pecora and Cordero.  They are now one big happy sheep family!!  I love happy endings.

It took the animal control officer working the City of Akron and eight police officers to catch this frightened gal.  Luckily she still had her tie out around her neck.  The officer was told this lost sheep had been seen in the Archwood Ave area for a couple days.  Their efforts covered a couple of city blocks and before it was over.  Luckily with the Akron officers’ help, animal control was able to confine her safely in the control truck and drive her to Metro Animal Hospital.   Many thanks to Tim and the Akron officers for saving Samantha!
Samantha has come a long way already. She is recuperating from her trauma in a horse stall where she doesn’t have to feel frightened by noises and sudden movements and distractions.  Samantha allowed Ashley to quietly sit in her stall tonight and watch her eat hay. Why would anyone keep a sheep (or any other farm animal for that matter) in a city neighborhood in Akron?  Usually there are two possibilities:  Often farm animals are used as bait animals, and are used to train dogs to fight. The second reason is that some communities will keep and butcher these animals illegally in the city to use for food, and will keep them confined to their basements, garages or back yards.