Status: Adopted!
Age: Unspecified
Breed: Farm Pig
Gender: Sow
Color: Dark Brown/Red
Adoption Fee: $75
Sponsor Fee: $40/month

About Rosebud

Update July 19, 2013:  I just recieved word….Rosebud was in foster care to make room for us during construction of the arena and storage building.  Her foster mom let us know she and her husband are going to adopt Rosebud! We wish her well in her new home with her two new brothers, Anselmo and Jebbe Boye, two other farm pigs this family adopted from Happy Trails three years ago.

rosebudUpdate July 11, 2013:  Our cute little Rosebud has been taken into foster care and we cross our fingers that she will make this her forever home.  Check out the pic of her modeling the pink SWAT sponsors purchased to protect the animals from flys.

Rosebud came to us from Cleveland. She had been bought as a gift for somebody for Christmas. A farm pig is definitely not a good house pet in the city. This adorable girl is very social and loves attention. She gets along with everybody that she meets. She is such a sweetheart!