Status: Adopted!
Age: Unknown
Breed: Barred Rock, Brown, White Leghorn
Gender: Male, 4 female
Color: Black, white, brown
Adoption Fee: $25 for the group
Sponsor Fee: $20/month each

About Raff and his girls

Aprinl 16, 2015:  Great news!! Raff and his group of gals are well on their way to their forever home.  They were adopted by a gentleman along with two other hens.  We wish them the best in their new coop!

Raff and his ladies are up for adoption! They came in from a hoarding case involving an abundance of chickens, ducks, 2 goats and a calf. Riff and Raff are both gorgeous barred rock roosters. Riff found a home with one of our caregivers, but Raff is still available! We would love for him to get adopted with his 4 girls! They are 3 brown hens and a white leghorn. They are all inseparable even with other roosters running around the sanctuary.