Status: Permanent Resident
Age:  2005
Breed: Potbelly
Gender: Female
Color: Pink
Adoption Fee: n/a
Sponsor Fee: $35/month
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 Queeniequeenie queenie

About Queenie

Queenie was rescued from a pet store in Northeast Ohio where she had lived much of her life in an aquarium-type confined area. Her rescue was facilitated by concerned citizens, and she was brought to Happy Trails. Unfortunately, from having been kept in confinement for much of her life, damage had already been done. Radiographs show that she has severe arthritis in her shoulders and she has some difficulty getting around. She is on an anti-inflammatory regularly to aid with arthritis discomfort. Queenie was best friends with George, one of the founding pigs. She helped him through the loss of his companion, Janice. Now that George is gone, Queenie spends her days in our senior pig area and lounges with her bud, Emma.  Queenie is a loving, friendly pig. Because she is one of our senior animals and because of her severe arthritis, Queenie is not available for adoption. Consider sponsoring this sweet girl to help cover the costs of her care and medical treatments.