willisNovember 13, 2014:  Willis passed away very peacefully surrounded by friends. It was heartbreaking having to say goodbye to the old man, and it definitely won’t be the same without that grumpy little bow-legged dinosaur. The barn was already quieter and a little bit lonely tonight at feeding. At least he won’t have to feel any pain anymore or frustration at legs that don’t work quite the way he wants them to. He was such an opinionated, independent little guy, who didn’t like to accept help from people. He is now with Janice and George running around on strong legs biting people that get in his way. We all got a good chuckle this afternoon realizing that for many of us, our first pig bite came from Willis. It may have been his little initiation for us to get into Happy Trails. Willis was still a sweetheart deep down and loved his belly rubs and treats (even though he would yell at you if you didn’t give him those treats fast enough). We will all miss the big personality from the little pig.  ~ Ashley E