theodore (3)
Status: Adopted!
Age: Unspecified
Breed: Mini horse
Gender: Gelding
Color: Chestnut
Adoption Fee: $200
Sponsor Fee: $50/month

About Theodore

On Monday, February 25th, Happy Trails assisted the Portage APL with the rescue of this adorable mini-horse.  We have named him Theodore and have whisked him to the Sanctuary to put him under the direct care of a licensed veterinarian and a professional blacksmith who specializes in sever hoof neglect.
Theodore has gone from a flooded, icy field where he was unable to take one step to search for shelter to the respite of a straw-bedded stall, much needed attention, and a surrounding of friends at Happy Trails.
Keep your eye on Theodore. As the pending charges pan out and he is signed over, he will be a much sought after addition to an adoptive home. Inquire now, and in the meantime, send your donations, support and love.

Update May 28, 2013:  Theodore has been hard at work to recover from his neglectful situation.  He has had two trimmings and is already able to walk more freely and with less pain.  X-rays showed irreparable changes to his coffin bones on all four feet due to founder.  However, he will be able to live a happy comfortable life.  He will just need to be monitored more closely for signs to make sure his situation does not get worse. As with any pony of his size, measures must be taken to ensure they do not receive an overabundance of grass or grain.  A horse's system cannot process excess amounts which is what leads to founder and the resulting laminitis.

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Update:  Theodore is now ready to be adopted.  View or Print his adoption flier.  Are you his forever family?

Update July 17, 2013:  Theodore has been adopted and will soon be on his way to his forever home!  I wonder if he ever thought this day possible as he stood alone in that iced and flooded field in the dark, unable to rest or walk.  Well, this little trooper kept faith and today it is possible and it will be.