nursing home visit (2)
Status: Adopted!
Age:  2006
Breed: Goat
Gender: Female
Color: White
Adoption Fee: n/a
Sponsor Fee: $40/month

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About Odessa

June 18, 2016:  Odessa and Natasha have hit the jackpot!  They have retired together with our founder, Annette.  This promises they will live happily ever after in a wonderful home with a wonderful pasture with amazing parents.  Nothing but the best for our most loved ambassadors of Happy Trails.

Odessa came to Happy Trails as a severe neglect case from a livestock farm in Medina. She had an upper respiratory infection, a painful case of glaucoma in her left eye, was anemic, covered in lice, and very weak. She had to have her left eye removed, and has made a complete recovery. You cannot find a sweeter goat despite all that has been done to her. Odessa served as a Happy Trails Ambassador visiting nursing homes, schools, and making appearances at community events.  She was recently retired with Natasha to the home of our Founder to spend her days grazing the lush pasture grasses of an amazing forever home.  She may still be seen making appearances as she was adopted by our Outreach representative and will never want for anything.  Lucky, lucky girl.