Status: Adopted!
Age: 13
Breed: Belgian Draft
Gender Gelding
Color: Blonde
Adoption Fee: $500
Sponsor Fee: $75/month

About Amitola

Ribs were the first thing we noticed when we met number 1290. He was painfully thin, but oh-so-sweet. Why was he ever allowed to get into this state of neglect? There doesn’t appear to be any health issues with this gentle boy other than his suffering from malnutrition.
He was announced as being a hard worker, traffic safe, and wellbroke. OK, “good broke” is how they always list the well-trained plow
horses. His auction bid was run up on us, and we paid $325 for his freedom. It was worth every penny, for this horse is very grateful to his caretakers and loves attention.  He needed a bright future, a future with a colorful rainbow to mark the end of his suffering. “Amitola” is a Sioux Native American name meaning ‘rainbow’. It sure seems to fit!  We would like Amitola to experience every day for the rest of his life as a day without extreme hunger. With your help, we can make that happen!