Who would have thought our little Sophie would be so interesting. This adorable potbelly pig sure went through it to make her way to Happy Trails. Thanks to the Humane Society of Elkhart County in Indiana, Sophie was rescued from a criminal case of neglect. Not having the space for the animals seized, the humane officer requested our assistance. Happy Trails was happy to help in any way we could and were fortunate to have welcomed this gal into our lives. Sophie is named after a special little girl and her family who adopted Vernon (Koa), another potbelly pig rescued in cooperation with PETA last year from a horrible domestic violence scene.
It’s been a year of transition and we have worked hard as an organization to continue our mission. So who could resist a maternity photo shoot to lighten our moods?! No one could have guessed that her cute self would have become such a hit. Sophie has been featured on dozens of websites and social media accounts including:

Happy Trails does not exist without you, our supporters, who fund our efforts to uphold our mission to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home criminally abused farm animals and horses. We are forever grateful. Please continue to Donate.

Special thanks to Holly Butterfield (volunteer), Rebecca Scalise and Shawnna Lemerise (staff), and Jessica Cvelbar of Enjoy the Ride Photography for making this happen!