Status: Adopted!
Age: Calf
Breed: Unspecified
Gender: Male
Color: Brown
Adoption Fee: $75
Sponsor Fee: $40/month

About Nelson

nelson (3)March 25, 2014:  Nelson and Gunther both hit the lottery when it comes to adoptive homes.  They both were successfully transported to Lasa Sanctuary to live out their lives at this wonderful forever facility.

December 21, 2013:  Nelson came to Happy Trails from a situation of neglect in Ashtabula County along with multiple other farm animals.  This sweet calf endeared himself to everyone he has met.  He has been examined and was treated for worms.  He is very thin, but aside from this, he does not seem to have health issues.   There is currently a court case pending as charges have been filed regarding his neglect.  If you are interested in adopting this young guy, contact us to start the process.  Soon enough he will be free to be adopted into the home he deserves.