Status: Adopted!
Age: 1983
Breed: Arabian
Gender: Gelding
Color: Sorrel
Adoption Fee: $150
Sponsor Fee: $50

About Milagro

milagro0pete2June 12, 2014: Milagro has indeed been reunited with his owner from long ago and has arrived safely. Doing much better since we rescued him from his situation of neglect and armed with the love he has been provided, Milagro (Pete) will live out his remaining years with the comfort and love of his forever family. This is truly a happy beginning for all. We wish you the best!

April 1, 2014: Milagro (miracle) is a senior gentleman who was rescued along with his longtime buddies, Esperanza and Sueno from yet another severe neglect case in Mahoning County, Berlin Center. To read their bio, check out our Mahoning County/Berlin Center Rescue (pdf). We have a grand dream that he and his two friends, who supported each other through years of neglect, could be adopted out together. We do understand that is a dream and our main concern is finding a loving home for Milagro where he can enjoy his remaining years learning that love and caring can come from human hands.  Milagro is severely swayback.  While this can be genetic, it can also come from training at too early of an age or from hard riding from a too heavy rider.  He also has stringhalt and cataracts and will need to gain quite a bit of weight.  We know this guy can only offer love, but won’t we all be that way some day?  Are you the one to take on the commendable job of accepting this little guy as he is with all the love he has to give?