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Status: Permanent Resident
Year Born:  2009
Breed: Miniature
Gender: Mare
Color: White
Adoption Fee: n/a
Sponsor Fee: $50/Month
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About Kachina

Kachina is a mini-horse who arrived at Happy Trails through our Amish Horse Retirement program at only 10-weeks-old. She suffers from dwarfism, a condition identified by a large forehead and a protruding pot bellied appearance.  There are areas where the bones in her ankles and spine did not close quite properly. She was crippled and walking on her back ankles when she arrived.

Kachina is under the special care of Ed Cigany, an equine hoof injury specialist, to have special shoes put on her back hooves to help her walk and trot normally. She is a diva and loves attention. Kachina can now not only walk, but can run, jump and kick!  Kachina is our star mini-horse, participating in our Farm Animal Visitation Program. She is quite the perfect ambassador for Happy Trails!