Kachina in carJanuary 24, 2013
Kachina was a very adorable back seat driver during her recent trip to the farrier. If you saw the January updates you may know that we have found a much closer farrier that will work on Kachina's feet. Ed Cigany is a very great farrier that works on horses with special needs. We have also taken Woody to see Ed since he had so much trouble with his one hoof. Previously Kachina had to make the long trip to OSU every six weeks to have her special acrylic hooves formed. She needs these because her hooves didn't form correctly when she was born and her acrylic hooves help level out her hooves so that she can walk normally.

Ever wonder what it looks like for Kachina's hooves to be made? Here are some pictures from her recent trip.  Below is Kachina being worked on by the farrier, Ed Cigany. One of her caregivers, Angela, is holding and comforting her to keep her calm and happy during the process. First the old acrylic hooves have to come off. Then the new acrylic is applied to Kachina's hooves and dried. With Kachina's special acrylic hooves, she is able to explore and play normally with her best friend Suvali.

Kachina shoe Kachina shoe 5 Kachina shoe 3