Athena was the worst of the group of horses rescued from the Portage County neglect case. She was very thin, had terrible rainrot and has cushings (a pituitary disease) which was left untreated. Her teeth were worn completely smooth, so even if she did get fed, she could not get much nutrients from it. Athena’s recovery is going very well. Her cushings is getting under control with medication and she is gaining weight at a good pace. Athena was named after the Greek Goddess of wisdom, courage and war. She is a fighter and never gave up. Despite being 26, thin and having cushings, she is the boss of the heard and no one questions it. Athena is stoic and agile, she surprises us every day with what she is able to do. She is very protective and loves kids. We believe her to still be rideable as she is sound, but she will not be able to do tough rides. Athena is strong and would make a fiercely loyal companion to a little girl looking for a friend.

Athena’s adoption fee is $150. If you are interested in her, give us a call or send a message to