About Hattricgeese-normak & Jacqueline

September 16, 2015: Finally!  Hattrick and Jacqueline have found a home.  And boy did they land a good one, all while providing companionship to a goose that lost his best friend.  These two geese arrived at their new home and were shown around by George the goose and before our Placement Coordinator left, they were swimming off into the sunset on a beautiful pond.  Gotta love the work that gets done at Happy Trails!

Hattrick and Jacqueline come from two separate abuse cases in Portage county.  Each having their own baggage, they found each other at Happy Trails and are quite the pair!  Jacqueline was dubbed Jacques by a staff member but it was soon evident by the big goose egg that Jacques was female!  Hattrick is addicted to Lays potato chips and seems to have an opinion on most everything.  He can be found any weekday morning enamored by our wonderful volunteer, Mike, who is in charge of the courtyard.  Hattrick follows Mike around like they were long lost brothers.  It is quite the sight.  Please consider providing a loving forever home for this pair in order to give them the fairytale ending they deserve.