Some good news! The horses and chickens involved in the Portage hoarding rescue from this summer that also involved dogs, cats and parrots have now been signed over and are available for adoption! We now have 9 horses and 24 chickens to introduce to you! We will be taking the next 10 days to feature each of these guys, so stay tuned!

Our first featured horse is Halley. She is stunning! This girl was a little on the thin side when she was rescued. She is sound and has no health issues. Halley is trained but still needs evaluated under saddle. We believe she would make a great show horse! She is responsive on the ground and is very sweet. She likes to be the boss and is usually in charge of the herd. Halley was named for Halley’s comet, the only one visible from Earth with the naked eye and it only appears once in a lifetime. Halley really is a once in a lifetime horse!

Halley’s adoption fee is $350. If you are interested in Halley, give us a call or send a message to