Status: At Sanctuary
Year: Unknown
Breed: Potbelly
Gender: Male
Color:  Pink w/black
Adopt:  $100

March 25, 2017: Gordy is still living well at Happy Trails. He is social with one caregiver while a little standoffish with others. This just means to us that Gordy is longing for his own person to love and bond with. Please consider taking Gordy out of this environment into a home where he can finally feel what it is like to belong.

Gordy has had a rough year. Once the king of his castle with his senior owner and her dogs, he was suddenly homeless upon the passing of his wonderful owner. He was taken in by the Greater Akron Humane Society and loved for months while they tried to find him a home. He was then shipped to Rescue Village of Geauga County in the hopes of finding a place to call his own. Finally, he has now arrived at Happy Trails. Now Gordy dreams each night of curling up with a new family, unsure of why he was ousted, he hopes and prays to become someone’s king once again.