ginnyGinny is an 8 year old mini horse. She is from Indiana and was rescued along with 3 other minis, a mini donkey, 3 alpacas and a goat. They were a neglect case and were running loose as their owner gave them no shelter. Ginny was pretty skinny and malnourished at her arrival. She is very nervous of people and will need a very patient and understanding person to give her a new home. Ginny is also pregnant and should be due very soon. Although she was severely malnourished at the beginning and middle of her pregnancy, we are hoping that her foal will be healthy.

Ginny is currently in a wonderful foster home where she is getting tons of love and attention and has made great leaps in her trusting of people, but she still has a long way to go. She is best friends with Solitaire, another, mini. We would love to keep them together if possible.

Ginny’s adoption fee is $100. If you are interested in her, please give us a call or send a message to