Sueno 1992 Quarter horse gelding - RidableOur featured horse this week is Sueno! Sueno is Spanish for “dream”. He came from Mahoning County with two other horses and was emaciated and had a terrible coat. His weight is now back where it should be and he is a gorgeous liver chestnut color. Sueno is 22 and is 14.3 hands. He has some health issues that will make him a pasture pal only. He has heaves, a respiratory disease- similar to asthma in people, and a luxating patella. This means that his knee cap pops out of place on occasion. It does not hurt him and he has learned how to pop it back in himself. He would do best on 24 hour turn out because of his heaves. He is an amazingly gentle and quiet guy!

Sueno’s adoption fee is $150. If you are interested in him, give us a call or send a message to!