Status: Adopted!
Year Born:  2010
Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Gender:  Gelding
Color:  Black/White
Height:  15
Adoption Fee:  $500
Sponsor Fee: $50

falconhAbout Falcon

December 1, 2016: After a long year of vet appointments, training and a trial run in a wonderful home, we are ready to announce that Falcon has been successfully adopted!  We wish them all the best and many happy trails.

September 3, 2015:  We have received a wonderful update from Falcon’s foster mom. “Falcon is very playful and quite a character I missed a picture opportunity when he stuck his food bucket on his head! He is curious about EVERYTHING! I’ve hand walked him out on our trails and he is curious about everything. We are going to start ponying him with our mare who is quite tolerant to get him ready for a rider. He’s been in the lake with the other horses to play on a number of occasions.”  Sounds like Falcon is shaping into an amazing companion horse.  Is he for you?

July 21, 2015:  Falcon has followed in Esperanza’s footsteps to the same foster mom. There they will be working on his foundation training and their hope is that he will blossom in the same way as Espi.  Falcon is green, but with this important training will most certainly be able to be a great riding companion.

April 26, 2015: It’s been a long, hard year. What a way to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the Columbiana County rescue than with plea bargain closing the case and finally freeing up these wonderful animals for adoption! Read the full story-update of the Columbiana County abuse case.

This guy.  He is quite a character.  Recently gelded, his mouthy behavior has calmed but he will need an experienced handler to teach him the ropes.  Falcon is ready to find a home and provide 24/7 entertainment!  He loves to play, engages with everyone and has a great life ahead.  Will you share it with him?  He should go fast as he has the looks to land him a loving adoptive parent for sure!