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Status: Adopted
Age: 20+
Breed: Standardbred
Gender:g Gelding
Color: Bay
Adoption Fee: $200
Sponsor Fee: $50/month

About Editon

A very handsome Standardbred gelding was brought onto the auction block. He could “do it all” the announcer claimed!  He was traffic-safe, kid-safe, good for the women, and an all around great buggy horse. I was sure that someone would pick him for their family horse. The auctioneer called for bids, but received only silence from the crowd. I couldn’t believe it! The horse appeared to be sound, sane, and simply beautiful. The only thing against him was his age – he was said to be 20-years-old. However, for a 20-year-old buggy horse, he was in great shape! The beginning bid was dropped down to $50, and a meat buyer jumped in. I couldn’t let this wonderful, gentle horse go to the killers. In the end we brought him home — home to Happy Trails.  What was his life worth? A mere $75.  I was completely amazed that such a great horse was slipping through the cracks. I shouldn’t have been surprised.  Many healthy horses go to slaughter every week. Editon has a purpose, and there is some person’s life he is destined to change.  His life has meaning, and he needed a name to reflect his importance. “Editon” is an Omaha Native American name meaning “standing as a sacred object”. Editon is probably the most gentle horse I have ever had the pleasure of rescuing. He is obedient, quite, docile, unafraid of anything and will definitely make someone an incredible trail horse and can be ridden lightly by a lighter rider.

September 3, 2013:  Just received word that it is official!  Editon has a new home.  It takes a very special person to accept a senior equine into their family.  We wish you the best of luck and know that your kindness and love will be paid back tenfold.

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