diamond (6)

Status: Adopted
Age: Unspecified
Breed: Percheron
Gender: Mare
Color: Grey (White)
Adoption Fee: $250
Sponsor Fee: $75

About Diamond

September 3, 2013:  We just received word that Diamond has been adopted!  Diamond is on her way to her forever home.  We wish her many great years in the loving care of her new family.

July 22, 2013: We are ready to find this beautiful mare a person. Since arriving at Happy Trails from the auction last October, she gets along fantastic with other horses, is easy to work with, mannerly and good for the farrier. She is sweet and loving and most definitely has lots of life left in her!  This gals is up-to-date on shots, deworming and hoof trimming. She will need a home MOSTLY as a pasture pal, but can handle light walking around the back yard or on an easy trail.  We had her under saddle on Friday, and she did terrific in the arena. As diagnosed by Dr. Genovese at Cleveland Equine, Diamond has a health issuecommon to draft horses and larger breed horses and her leg appears 3x bigger than her other legs.  There is nothing to be done for this however, she doesn’t appear to be lame. If she does have an off day, a dose of bute is the remedy.  She does seem to like an occasional leg massage.  Are you the right person for this gentle mare?

April 17, 2013: Our hopes for Diamond have come true and she is doing great!  The radiographs did not show anything out of the ordinary. She has been given the ok to do light riding as long as she doesn’t come up lame or uncomfortable. Some days her leg may “weep” and drain, causing her discomfort. Often she doesn’t even limp with it.

A team of grey Percherons, one mare and one gelding, were ground-driven into the auction ring. The mare’s back right leg was clearly about three times as big as it should be. The bidding began. When the bidding ended with a private individual getting the highest bid, the auctioneer asked the buyer the usual question. “Times two?” This meant, do you want to pay that same amount for both horses or do you just want to buy one? The buyer only wanted the sound gelding, so the lame mare was immediately placed back up for auction. Bidding began again, with only a meat buyer raising his eyebrows to bid on her. We decided to step in and save the mare with the leg injury. Her life was only worth $175. We plan to have radiographs taken of the leg to pinpoint the source of the injury and to see what steps can be taken to provide her with treatment. She is a sweet mare, very docile, easy to work with, gentle, and was announced by the auctioneer to be broke to all farm machinery and to be a good worker. After her recovery period, we anticipate that she will be a good trail horse and easy to work with under saddle. I believe she’ll respond well to a calm voice and a gentle hand.