Our horse of the week is Crecencia! Crecencia has been featured a few times before, but unfortunately has not yet had any luck. She is a 21 year old 14.3 hand Quarter Horse who is trained and healthy. She will take an intermediate to experienced rider as she can be a little hot, but she loves working and gets better the more that is done with her. She also loves kids!
Some of the animals at the sanctuary do not have much luck, and Crecencia is one of them. In 2009 she was rescued from a neglect situation and has been looking for a home ever since, but has been bounced around too much. She was adopted and returned once and has been to a couple different foster homes. You will not find a more loyal and loving companion than Crecencia. She tends to get overlooked at the sanctuary as she does not do well in this environment. There is a lot going on at Happy Trails with people and horses coming and going. She gets attached very easily and it breaks her heart every time one of her friends leaves. Because of this, she is grumpy here and many people do not look past that at the amazing horse that she really is. She would absolutely thrive in a home with a horse and a human friend to love and ideally give her a job to do. She is an entirely different horse under the surface of her discontent. She just needs someone to help bring it out of her.
Can you find it in your heart to give this great girl a chance? She is so deserving of a loving home and she will be appreciative to her new home for the rest of her days.
Crecencia’s adoption fee is $350. If you are interested in her, give us a call at 330-296-5914 or send a message to ashleyk@happytrailsfarm.org