chad (2)
Status: At Sanctuary
Age: Unknown
Breed: Rhode Island Red
Gender: Male
Color: Red
Adoption Fee: $10
Sponsor Fee: $20/month
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About Chad

December 20,2015:  Chad is the last of the group.  He has nerve damage in his foot and walks with a limp.  This does not stop him from making his way around.  He is a sweet guy who has a unique set of pals.  He lives with Queenie and Yamka, two of the potbelly pigs at Happy Trails.  On any given day you can see him perched over his friends.  He would love to have a forever home and his own flock of hens.  But until then, Queenie and Yamka do the best they can to be his girls.

July 9, 2015:  Ronald has been adopted with his girlfriend Georgia!!  We wish these two lovebirds the best.  They are going to an amazing home with many other farm animals and lots and lots of green grass to peck the day away!

These 4 boys came to us along with an abundance of roosters, ducks, 2 goats and a calf from a case where the owner had an issue with hoarding.  Hoarding seems to be an underlying issue in many cruelty cases and is the reason we often ask for mental evaluation in court.  They are all 4 Rhode Island Red boys up for adoption now!  Adopted-Parker is a little feisty and would love to have some girls all his own!  Adopted-Clark is is sweet and a bit boisterous.  Chad is very sweet and has super soft feathers!  Adopted-Ronald is quiet and lower on the pecking order.