Status:  Adopted!
Year Born:  2000
Breed:  Appaloosa
Gender:  Gelding
Color:  Roan Appy
Adoption Fee: $250
Sponsor Fee: $50/month

About Bowie

bowie1Sept 13, 2014: Our boy went to his new home today! We are so excited for this lovable guy! It is amazing to see the sad, skinny horse with terribly overgrown hooves and urine scalding turn into such a gorgeous, sweet guy and being able to let him start his life again. He has a new best horse friend, a huge clean stall and a grass pasture all his own! He was very much at home from the moment he backed off the trailer. We wish Bowie and his new owner the best of luck!

July 6, 2o14:  Bowie has proven to be the most loving, sincere and gentle horse of the bunch!  Spend two minutes outside his stall and you will understand.  He seeks out human touch and ‘cuddles’ with anyone who will approach.  This horse has plenty of years left to share.  Please consider Bowie to adopt as your very own.

Five horses, nine sheep. From a dilapidated barn in Ashtabula County, Happy Trails assisted the local humane officer in rescuing these animals from one of the most horrific sites in recent history. All of the horses were locked in stalls, knee deep in manure with no hope of being able to reach the lush grass just beyond their barred windows to the outside.

Bowie was the second to be loaded during this Ashtabula rescue.  He fooled us when he walked toward the trailer, went straight up and ran off around the tall grasses of the property.  He just could not wait to be free to feel the soft grass on his flanks.  Once satisfied, he went calmly to the trailer and loaded up for his ride to Happy Trails.  This guy has such a thin coat, what appeared to be a very unique coloring was actually his pink skin showing through his roan coloring.