Celebrate Bill's 11th Birthday and Two Years of Retirement

SONY DSCFrom Bill's Adoptive Mom:
July 27, 2011, Happy Trails accepted Bill, an injured Belgian plow horse, into the Amish Retirement Program. After several months of stall rest and rehabilitation, Bill was adopted in April 2012 and spent 6 months at a foster home in Pennsylvania. With 20+ acres to roam, Bill once again gained back all the muscle tone normally associated with a draft horse. Last October, Bill returned to the Ravenna area, to a boarding stable, where he has nothing to do each day but enjoy his new life. And play with his best friend, Reno. And be fawned over by visitors to the stables. Many, many thanks to everyone at Happy Trails who were responsible for nursing Bill back to health, even when he was less than cooperative.  Tough love, Bill!  And thanks to Annette for always being available to chauffeur the big guy up to the equine hospital everytime he throws off his shoe….Bill says he'll try to make this one last at least 4 weeks.
Happy birthday, Bill. I love you.   Thank you for being my first horse – Mom


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 Happy Birthday, Bill

To know Bill's story and how he came to be at Happy Trails, read  Bill the Horse, and the documentation of his  Road to Recovery.

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