April 20, 2015:  My friend Aurora, she has been having issues for the past several weeks.  Each time she was turned out she went down and could not get back up on her own again. This has been getting progressively getting worse and at 32 years old she had considerable arthritis and pain all over her body along with other health issues. Today it happened again.  As a team we decided it was time to set her free, to help her cross the rainbow bridge while she had people surrounding her with light and love. Her daughter Luna has been adopted and has a good home and a new wonderful life…I’m sure Aurora knows this and is  pleased. She was my favorite horse here and it wont be the same without her. Thank you to everyone who helped rescue… care for… or just loved her. She is now a spirit horse and is running fierce and free with Delilah and Durango… and all the others so special to us all.  Aurora I love you now and forever and I will see you when its my turn. Then I get to ride bareback across the rainbow bridge with my friend.  Lots and lots of tears….. ~ Steph