I am still amazed that a pile of “sticks” that were laying next to the horse barn are creating the new arena. Seeing the sheer size that the building will be is very exciting!  As I stand and stare at the space, I can see the future — I can see the horse with his leg bandaged up moving about slowly in the soft arena sand as he is waiting for his leg to heal completely. It’s pouring down rain outside, but he has the luxury of moving about to stretch his muscles under cover of the big roof, knowing he is safe and dry. I can see a large school group with kids circled around one of our teachers who is holding a duck, teaching them the importance of being kind to all animals, including our animal friends who have feathers. And I can  see the a potential adopter, a young lady spending some personal time with a horse that she is considering adopting into her life. The arena is affording her the personal space and area needed to help her make the big decision, is this the right furry soul mate for her. Funny how the few “sticks” already put together can give us such a clear vision of great things to come!

20140521-arena 20140521-arena1