Status: Adopted!
Age: Unspecified
Breed: Cock Fighter
Gender: Male
Color: White/brown
Adoption Fee: $10
Sponsor Fee: $20/month

About Adam

Sept 10, 2014: Adam was adopted! Our friends at Lasa Sanctuary added Adam to their flock! He has a shelter and a yard for just him and new new girlfriend! We are very excited for him! He deserves the best home! Good luck Adam!

Adam is one of the cock fight roosters that were rescued last year. His comb and waddle were cut off so they would be out of the way for fighting. He is such a sweet heart, even though he was bred for terrible reasons. You would never know it! He has brain damage which causes him to hold his head sideways and sleep awkwardly, but it does not stop him from having a good quality of life! He loves his hens and doesn’t let his disabilities get him down!