Status: At Sanctuary
Year Born:
Breed: Unknown
Gender: Gelding
Color: Black
Height: Mini
Adoption Fee:  $150.
Sponsor Fee:  $50/month
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About Abraham

In the heart of Amish country there is a well known horse auction at the Sugarcreek Livestock Auction Barn. This is an auction typically held every Friday and every week dozens of horses are run through and meet a dreaded fate that ends with a long ride to Mexico where they will be slaughtered.
This auction is not a typical stop for us. As the auction was coming to a close and the last little pony was sent through, his life was not valued at more than a twenty dollar bill. The owner of the auction barn stood and asked if anyone wanted the pony and said if not he would “be on the truck.” Without a second thought, and since no one else spoke up, we raised our hands for a skinny, senior stud pony. As if that is not crazy enough, as we were loading our little pony, a woman ran to our trailer and begged us to take a little mini stud she bid on thinking it was a mare. She asked if we could pay $20 for him, I reached in my pocket and had only $16, and she said SOLD!
So here we come to Happy Trails with 2 little miniature studs who needed quarantine, vaccinations, and most importantly… Castration!  Through the generosity of our donors, both Minis have been castrated and given a clean bill of health.