Here is an amazing update and video from Renny’s adoptive mom! We are so happy for these two! Thanks to everyone who helped make his rescue and recovery possible!-
“From the first day I met Ren he has been a huge inspiration to me and it has been a privilege to be a part of this amazing horse’s new life. From the beginning I bonded with him and him with me. I never expected him to do anything for me other than live out the rest of his new life happy and healthy. But time and time again this horse has surprised me at every turn.
He had never been in a herd before since he was a stallion up until he came to Happy Trails, he and my thoroughbred gelding are inseparable now. He will watch over Ren from a distance and make sure he is always taken care of and will lead him in when it’s time to come back in for the day. They are best friends and brothers and have a connection that goes beyond my understanding.
No matter what I put in front of Ren, that would seem a challenge for a seeing horse, let alone one with limited vision he has not only overcome each obstacle but thrived in his environment. This ability to thrive was proven once again when I asked his permission to ride him this past weekend. Never would I have expected him to give me such a gift and honor as to be his partner and his mom but we have a bond that is beyond sight and one where he can forget the past and do what he loves once again. He graciously accepted the new endeavor after many years of neglect and mistreatment it didn’t matter to him, He let out a big sigh as if to say “ finally!” he didn’t flinch or spook or panic in the least. What an amazing feeling to be bareback and feel him become a whole other horse underneath me. Due to his lack of vision he usually tilts his head to the side so he can see out of the top corner, which I believe is the only area of vision he has left, but when I swung my leg over he didn’t tilt his head at all just walked off in perfect cadence never taking a misstep or hesitating he knew exactly what to do and trusted me completely never tilting his head to see what was around him but perfectly in sync with me. He was so proud of himself, all puffed up and showing off with every movement. He performed Renver and Traver, leg yields and shoulder-in and even a half-pass or two he didn’t trip or get tangled up and I barely had to cue the aids to him at all, he was spot on never missing a beat. He felt so proud of himself and I could barely get him to walk he just wanted to show off and passage down the rail.
What an amazing animal to overcome everything he went through, much of it we are not sure of, and despite all that he can love and trust people and be the biggest cuddler there is. The ladies at my barn cannot get enough of his snuggles and everyone treats him like their own and were elated to witness him excel in the ring! We know from his background that he used to be quite the Dressage horse and competed at 4th level before falling into the wrong hands from which he was saved and given a new life thanks to Happy Trails and its supporters. It is my honor and with great pleasure to share this update with all of you and hope it warms your hearts as it did mine! What an opportunity I have been given to be able to give this horse’s a new life where he can be the center of attention as he deserves! Enjoy these photos and videos of him and more to come this Spring with some new adventures as we share our journey together.”