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Happy Trails Assists Cleveland Animal Control in Seizing Over 80 Roosters

Spread the word!  Happy Trails is requesting money donations as well as help in finding suitable homes for these birds.  There are some magnificent, friendly roosters available.  The entire day of Thursday, May 16, was spent in Cleveland assisting in a rescue of over eighty cockfighting roosters.  You can read the story or view the news video on every major news station website.  Now is your chance to own one of these birds and give them the opportunity to know a kind voice, a gentle hand and their own little piece of heaven. 
Please consider adopting one today!  Contact us directly at 330-296-5914.

Over the past six weeks, Happy Trails has assisted in three separate cockfighting raids from Cuyahoga County and Ashtabula County. The sanctuary is now housing nearly 150 cockfighting roosters and related hens. We are putting forth a valiant effort to get them ALL placed into approved homes over the next four weeks to offer them a second chance at life.  Many are friendly, love to be held, and would make great family pets

Fighting roosters cannot be placed together in a common area because they will indeed fight, so at Happy Trails they are kept in separate cages. This is not a great life for these magnificent birds, and we are reaching out to you to ask for your help with networking. Please spread the word that the next four weeks are being dedicated to finding homes for the rescued roosters. Anyone wanting more information can all the sanctuary at 330-296-5914 or email Annette Fisher directly annette@happytrailsfarm.org.  How can you help? Post this on your Facebook page; forward it in emails to your friends, family and co-workers; collect donations for their care. Thank you for helping find them compassionate, caring homes!

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