brown hens
Status: Adopted!
 Age: Unspecified
Breed: Unspecified
Gender: Hens
Color: Brown
Adoption Fee: $5
Sponsor Fee: $20/month
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About These Hens

December 4, 2014: All of these lovely ladies have been adopted! Thank you to everyone who has adopted these hens!

July 28, 2014: Most of these girls have been adopted! We have about 5 of these beautiful girls still waiting for their forever homes. One of them, Ellen, is now a permanent resident. She is very sweet and personable. She will now be joining us for events, nursing home visits and classes. Although Ellen is not adoptable, she is still in need of a sponsor!

October 25, 2013: Now available for adoption!  These beautiful girls have regained strength and pride after being severely neglected.  Please consider adopting a few of them to provide the love of a forever home.

These beautiful brown hens came from Columbiana County – a hideous abuse/neglect situation. Happy Trails removed approximately 29 brown hens, 7 goats (which went to another sanctuary) and three roosters. The rest of the animals were dead.   Be spared the remaining details but know the conditions were horrific and the animals met a terrible death from starvation.