Status: Adopted!
Year Born: 1998
Breed: Belgain
Gender: Gelding
Color: Chestnut
Height: 18+
Adoption Fee: $350
Sponsor Fee: $50/month
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About Stormey

Light Riding: Stormey is 18 years old, 18+ hands tall, and has worked his entire life at one Amish farm. When Stormey began to show signs of soreness his owner retired him from work. He was welcomed into Happy Trails Amish Retirement Program, and received a full lameness and wellness evaluation. Stormey has ringbone in both front legs and receives Previcox daily, as well as Bute twice a week as directed by the vet. He’s not sure about this whole retirement thing, but he thinks he could get used to it with a friend. He would appreciate a small job of some sort, but definitely something light, and no more plowing!  He has not been trained for riding, however, he has tolerated a rider with no issue.