Wish List

Thanks to contributions by so many Happy Trails supporters, we are able to give the rescued animals the very best in food, shelter, and medical care.  Without the many generous donations from caring individuals who are choosing to make a difference, the services provided by Happy Trails would not be possible.  Listed below are a few of the many items we need (updated May 2016):

Far away and want to help?  Many of our WishList items can be purchased and shipped from our Amazon WishList!  Be sure to use AmazonSmiles when shopping on Amazon to kick back 5% of qualifying purchases for the rescued animals of Happy Trails.


• 10% Sweet Feed (for pigs, but it is a horse feed)
• Nutrena Safe Choice Senior (horse)
• Nutrena Safe Choice Original (horse)
• Nutrena Empower Balance (horses- protein)
• Nutrena Empower Boost (horses- fat)
• Alfalfa cubes (horse)
• Layer Pellets (chickens)
• Mazuri mini pig elder (pigs)
• Gamebird pellets (geese and ducks)
• Scratch (chickens)
• Black Oil Sunflower seeds (chickens, not necessary, but helps build weight)


• Gift cards : Pettigrew Feed, Western Reserve, TSC, Big Ds, Carl’s Tack, Giant Eagle
• Hay and straw (not more than a year old, cannot be moldy)
• Lime or stall deodorizer
• Paste de-wormer such as Quest, Strongid, Zimectrin, Panacur, etc.
• Gas & fuel cards for diesel and gasoline
• Pig paddles for herding our pot belly pigs safely
• Large plastic containers with lids to store blanket donations safely and in a sanitary fashion
• Heavy duty-plastic shelving
• Paint brushes, rollers, paint pans, and any painting supplies
• Floor mats for under our office chairs
• XX-Large plastic pet porters in good condition
• Office supplies (stamps, 8½”x11″ color or white copy paper, envelopes)
• For our hard working volunteers: bottled water, soft drinks, hot-hands hand and feet warmers
• Ice cleats for our animal care givers
• Locking medicine cabinet for vet clinic and for horse feed room to safely store prescription medications
• A post-hole digger attachment for our Bob Cat
• Heavy duty 78″ four-way dozer blade for skid steer snow plow fits bobcat ($1,950)



Fencing:  Fencing supplies to fence in the remainder of the property, including wooden posts, rolls of 5’ tall field fence, and 2×8”x8’ boards. Call us for details on quantities.

Concrete or Other Hard Surface Material:  We have several concrete projects — everything from pouring several small concrete pads to paving the driveways which will accommodate the folks in wheelchairs who arrive for a tour and help eliminate the snow plows plowing away the driveway gravel every year.


If you wish to donate produce, vegetables or fruits, please check the following list before sending snacks. The farm animals’ diets are closely monitored.  We allow them to have only certain foods other than their grain and hay rations. Also, any fruits or vegetables that are donated cannot be moldy or rotted. Please understand that we can only accept food and produce items on the list below:

• Apples and Carrots
• Sealed bags of Ginger Snap cookies (actually good for sour stomachs)
• Breads (may be old but not moldy)
• Bananas, pears, watermelon
• Corn on the cob
• Strawberries and grapes
• Lettuce

If you would care to donate any of the items on our wish list, please contact us to make arrangements! Thank you VERY much for your support!