Adopting An Animal

Please Read the Following Adoption Procedures Carefully
Step 1: Fill out an adoption application that tells us about yourself, your references, your veterinarian, information about your facility, shelter and pasture area, etc. This will be reviewed by an adoption counselor. Each animal has an adoption addendum, which outlines their special needs and/or any health issues they may have. You may wish to review the addendum and decide if you will be prepared for the special needs of that particular animal.  Click for an Application
Step 2:  The adoption counselor will visit your facility to see the home that you will provide for your new farm animal pet. The counselor will have a safety check list to assure appropriate shelter, fencing and a safe exercise/turnout area. Barbed wire fencing is NEVER approved. All horses require a minimum turn out of 7-8 hours per day. We do not approve barns where horses stand in their stalls and are only allowed out an hour or so per day. A horse needs to have time to enjoy their freedom and to exercise their social skills with other horses.
Step 3:  If your facility is approved, you submit the adoption fee for your new pet. You may have a two week trial period to get to know your new pet, and for the animal to get to know you and the other animals in your family. During that time you may return the animal for a complete refund of your adoption fee. We do not set up “payments” nor do we offer refunds at any time after the two week trial period.
Step 4:  At the end of the two weeks, if everything has gone well for both you and your pet, you may make the adoption official. This requires you to sign an adoption contract.  An important inclusion of the contract states that you will never send the animal to auction or to slaughter, and if you cannot keep itsaid animal for any reason, you are required to return the animal to the Happy Trails Adoption Program.
   In our follow-up program, a representative of Happy Trails will periodically check on the animal  and its condition and make follow-up reports. If at any time Happy Trails feels that the pet is not being properly cared for as agreed in your contract, we reserve the right to reclaim the animal.
   We do not “hold” animals. Please wait until you are ready to transport the animal to your facility to begin the adoption process. Once you are approved, you are expected to pick up your pet within two weeks. We are not a boarding facility and cannnot “hold” animals until you are ready to adopt them at a later date.
   We do adopt out of state. In this situation, a humane officer from your local Animal Protective League or Humane Society or an agent from another rescue group will conduct the site visit of your facility to approve your home. You are responsible for trailering/ transportation of the animal in order to adopt as well as in the case of returning the animal.

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