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2014Thanksgiving1Save the Date – Saturday, Nov 8th – to Join Us for Happy Trails 2014 Compassionate Thanksgiving!

This year’s Thanksgiving is going to be a unique event, offering a great way to kick-start your holiday season with kindness and compassion. View the event flier and check out more details here…



kyleAre you passion-driven and searching to make a difference in the world?

Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary, Inc. is seeking to hire just such an individual to fill the full-time position of Sanctuary Manager.    Qualified candidates must possess the following:
• Prior supervisory/managerial experience • Associate degree or higher • Strong leadership and problem solving skills
• Ability to organize, prioritize and/or triage • Strong communication with staff, volunteers and donors • Current computer skills    **Marketing and/or rescue experience a plus
For a detailed job description visit Sanctuary Manager Job Description

Cover letter, resume, salary requirements and references can be submitted to [email protected] or mailed to the office at:  5623 New Milford Rd Ravenna, OH 44266    No phone calls, drop-ins or Facebook submissions will be accepted.


apl resuceHappy Trails Assists Portage APL in Mass Rescue of More Than 120 Animals

In the midst of this deplorable situation, we can’t help but feel a pride in the combined efforts it took to facilitate this rescue. Representatives from the Portage County APL, Bird Nerds from Canton and Happy Trails worked together seamlessly to save these animals from their situation of severe neglect. If only we could give the details….
Please help by donating toward the care of the nine horses we rescued from this situation. The court case could take months and we must provide care until such time as the horses as well as the hens and roosters are release for adoption.

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jolie-bread_smallContribute to Happy Trails Animal Friendly (vegan) Recipe Book

Do you have an awesome vegan entree, snack, dessert or smoothie (or anything else, even dog treats!) recipe worthy of sharing? What about a non-vegan one? If you do, let me know!   Of course, this book is going to have strictly animal friendly (vegan) recipes, but our editor is a pro at substituting animal products if you need any assistance what so ever.

This is completely optional, but with a donation of a recipe, Happy Trails is asking if you would be able to donate $2.00 to cover the cost of printing. Also, we would love for donors to send in quotes with their recipes, about your love for animals, passion for plant based living, or how Happy Trails has changed your life – And we will put these quotes on your recipe page!

Submit all recipes to Happy Trails c/o Melissa DelSignore 5623 New Milford Rd, Ravenna, OH 44266 or via email to [email protected] If emailing, please make donations via our Donate page.