superhero“For…all of you…who may remember Super Hero,
I adopted Super about a year ago. He had an eyelid (right/lower) which did not work properly, evidence of abuse many years old.
The weekend before Christmas the small star shaped lesion on his left cornea (in-line with the healed injuries to his upper and lower eyelid) suddenly began to collapse, looking like a hole developing into the eye.
Dr. Keckler from Buckeye Veterinary saw him Monday, we took him to OSU Tuesday morning, his eye was operated on around noon. A patch was placed to repair the cornea and the surgeon also tightened his lower lid to create a better functioning margin.
My husband and I visited him on Christmas day and brought him back home…the Monday after Christmas.
He is recovering well.
The staff at OSU loved him.
So do we.

Thank you for your part in bringing this horse into my life.
Virginia D”

We love our adoption families!